Tips for female solo travellers on Valentine´s day!

I know, you shouldn’t care about Valentine’s day. It is just another day…….but depending on where you are in the world, it might be hard to ignore all the heart shaped merchandising in the windows and the loved up couples eating in romantic restaurants. Whether you are single or in a relationship, travelling solo by choice or by lack of, if you are on the other side of the world and feeling blue, here is what you can do!

Who better to love than yourself?!
If you get the feeling that you are going to spend the day reminiscing over your (ex-)boyfriend and the great trips you had together, get out there and treat yourself. Travelling solo on Valentine´s day, treat yourselfGet a massage, a haircut, a mani and a pedi. Or, if you are staying in budget accommodation, upgrade yourself into a really nice hotel with a spa and room service, just for the night.

Eat like no one is watching!
Dining alone is challenging enough as it is, even for the more experienced solo travellers. Dining alone on Valentine´s day might just be a complete torture. So, while all the other ladies in the world are trying to elegantly consume oysters and champagne, treat yourself to great local food that is impossible to fully enjoy with attractive male company by your side. Depending on where you are, I am thinking amazing Thai curry with a lot of garlic, a super size bucket of American chicken wings with BBQ sauce, lovely high carb italian food with dessert or all the tapas on the menu from the Spanish eatery. Order it, take it to your room and eat like no one is watching!

Spread the love!
Not the romantic love, but the love you feel for your friends and family. Maybe it has been a while, if ever, you told hem how special they are to you. Travelling solo on Valentine´s day, spread the love!Buy some postcards and start writing love letters to all the people in your life that are always there for you, even if you only see each other once in a blue moon. It will take you back to great memories which will make you feel loved!

Singles event!
Check the local activities calendar and go on a Singles Event! What?? Yes, do it, who cares! I mean even if it is a complete disaster, you get to put it on the list of experiencing cultural activities. See if you can get someone from your hostel or through Couchsurfing with you and get to know the local singles scene! Who knows……

Work on that bucket list!  
Do you secretly think you are an amazing surfer, but you have just never tried…. get on that board! Afraid of heights but in an amazing location for paragliding, jump on! Scuba diving, bungee jumping, swimming with sharks…….you get the idea. Any of these things will make you feel empowered and great about yourself. Even if you find out you suck at surfing!

If you really can not deal with Valentine´s day, book a flight and go to Brazil. They celebrate Dia dos Namorados, as their Valentine´s day is called, on the 12th of June!

Love to you all!


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