New Year´s Eve and travelling solo: 5 different ways to celebrate!

New Year´s Eve; the buildup and the anticlimax. A big night out or a cosy night in, it never seems to be as special as you had hoped for. Being with friends and family is usually the most important thing, but what if you are on the road and they are all too far away.

Here are some tips for solo travellers who have, wisely, given up on the idea that NYE has to be the most fantastic night and are looking for some alternatives!

Book a last minute flight
Flights can be extremely cheap on the 31st of December or 1st of January! Do some research and fly to an amazing destination that was not on your itinerary! By the time you get there all the fuzz has passed and you can start the year discovering a great new location!

Plan a tour on the 1st of January
So NYE happens to fall within your travels…..that is not why you went to that amazing country. You came to see places and do things. So book a tour on the 1st of January, have an early night sleep and look forward to what is ahead of you! If you book a tour that involves physical exercise, it makes even more sense you don’t have a big night out.

Go out on the 30th of December
So here is a theory about nights out and expectations. High expectations, like on NYE, usually mean not so special nights!
However a night where you decide you will only go out for one drink, for some reason tends to end in a shady karaoke bar with you dancing as if you are Beyoncé. Just that you are not.
So here is the thing. Forget about NYE and go out the night before. Get some people together from your hostel and Couchsurfing or check out a Meetup event and prepare yourself for nothing special. Don’t tell anyone about the theory, cause that will put the pressure on and ruins everything. Just go out with an open mind. Chances are you have a great night! The next night, NYE, you curl up in bed with hangover food and Netflix, looking back on the great time you had. Let the new year begin!

Go see a show or gig
If you are not in the mood for sharing new year’s resolutions with semi-strangers, going to see a show or a gig is the best way for a full night of entertainment. In big cities, there are usually many options that will make you forget it´s NYE and get you high on adrenaline into the new year.

Lose yourself in local traditions

Especially when you are in a country with a culture very different than yours, it can be great to lose yourself in local traditions. Talk to the owners of your accommodation and ask what festivities are happening that are typical for their country or region. Maybe it is not the most sociable night, although the locals might surprise you, but for sure you will have a unique experience.


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