5 alternative ways for a solo travel experience!

Solo travelling is kind of trendy at the moment. However it is not for everyone, or maybe not for everyone all the time. Depending on the country or your personal state of mind, you might not feel like moving around every couple of days not knowing what is around the corner. Here are a couple of alternatives that might seem less spectacular, but are for sure not less fun!

A language course
Language courses can usually be done from one week to a couple of months. Of course you will not master a new language within a week, but you get to know the basics and can see if it is something you would like to continue with. Most language schools organise events for students that are focussed on getting to know each other as well as the city. The struggle with learning a new language will make you bond with fellow students and the new language skills can best be practiced at the local pub.

Volunteer work
Besides for the obvious that volunteering is a good reason to go abroad, it also is a way of solo travelling that gives you a purpose. Many programmes offer housing as well and it is a great way of meeting local people and other travellers. However, be sure you to do a lot of research. Not all volunteering organisations are as altruistic as they seem.

Special interest
If you like activities like surfing, yoga, cooking or scuba diving, you will most likely be able to find a course at a destination that you always wanted to visit anyway. A perfect combination of doing something you like, getting to know the country and meeting people with a similar interest. Depending on the country and on how organised you want to do this, there are options from affordable to very expensive. Keep in mind what kind of people you would like to meet when you pick your activity holiday.


Especially during summer there are a lot of music festivals all over the world. There are events like Glastonbury or Burning man of course, but it will be easy to feel lost in the big crowds. Pick a smaller or more specific festival and chances are people are more open to interact with others.

Dog sitting/ house sitting/ house swap
Although maybe not the best way to meet people (unless you are Cameron Diaz or Jude Law in the Holiday), staying in a person’s house is besides a great budget option also a different way of experiencing a place. Most houses won’t be on prime tourist locations which actually gives you the chance to see the real side of your destination. And if you decide to sit a dog, your 3 walks a day through the neighbourhood might get you to meet the local crowd as well. As with the other alternatives mentioned above, think on forehand what you are looking for and then choose the place that suits your needs.


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