Welcome to the Blue Brolly.

Whether you love to do organised tours or are more of an explorer, we all like to get good tips from people who have been to a place before.

Now, here is the problem. What is a good tip? There are many solo travellers and many solo travel bloggers, but that does not mean they all give the best tips. First of all, what I like to do during my trip, might not be your idea of a fun holiday. Second, it depends on what you are looking for. If you visit Barcelona for the first time, you might want to read about the tourist attractions, while a second time you want to hang out with the locals.

That is why I made a (first) selection of solo travel blogs based on my personal preferences. The description of each post will give you an idea of the kind of information you can expect.
Then, after you have read the post, you can review it.

My personal preferences are:

  • Practical information: prices, opening hours, how to get there
  • ´Off the beaten track`
  • Where to meet people (locals or travellers)
  • Fun & easy to read
  • Published in last 2 years.


  • This selection is not exclusive. There are so many blogs out there and new ones every day.
  • The selection is based on my personal preferences, not on facebook likes, unique visitors or other ratings of the travel blog.
  • Not all the blog posts are from solo travellers, but I left the ones specifically written for (or by) couples, groups of friends or families out.
  • Some posts are from blogs of companies or online magazines. I do not get any compensation for mentioning them. I add them if I think the information is fun and interesting for a solo traveller.